Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year. . .New Beginnings

Happy New Year (Source: Google Images)

For last year's words belong to last year's language
And next year's words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning…

As the hands of the clock continue their journey on their pre-defined path, we are just a few hours away from the midnight hour when this year will eventually pass making way for the newer one to come. The arrival of the New Year has always been a source of elation and exhilaration to everyone as it marks the ending of the instant year with all the good-bad things it did to you. However, in strict sense, ending doesn't really mean The End but the start of the New Beginning and hence the beginning of the new year. While the ending emits the negative feel, the beginning ushers the much needed positivity!!

The beginnings are always fun to look at, for they carry in their womb the promise of a new, improved tomorrow – the tomorrow which is devoid of any mistakes, any baggage and any apprehensions. Plus (for me) that moment of midnight hour when each of the clock’s hand hugs each other in unison is indeed incredible and I have, since long, been in awe for it. At 2359 Hours the clock’s hands are tired off running round & round and all that they want is to embrace & retire in the arms of its partners. It feels so exciting to see the clock striking 0000 Hours with all its hands embracing themselves tightly. Perhaps not knowing & not realizing that come another stroke, sixty seconds hence and they will be again separated. But they don’t lose hope, neither do they surrender…they re-start their toddling with a renewed hope and regenerated vigor to complete another 43,199 steps (11 Hours 59 Minutes and 59 Seconds) before they could further unite for that briefest of the moment. . .and the cycle continues, and never ever they give up. The ecstasy of being together for that one mini moment goads them forever and ever, making them begin yet again as soon as the moment of separation comes.

That’s what every New Year expects us to do, rise from the slumber with a renewed passion and follow the message of the heart. Forget the past debacles and forgive the previous failures, go for what your heart want you to do after all it’s a new year with new charm, new feel and new vision. The failures and debacles do have the tendency put us down but these shouldn’t put us off. The pause should be momentary so as to propel us with renewed strength. Recall the small pause the aircraft assumes just before whooshing itself into the vast sky of abundance. The relevance of that brief interruption can be understood from the thrust that momentary halt provides to propel such a big aircraft to such a speed so as to carry it up above the ground. It is the same vast sky of abundance that awaits us to expand our wings and aim high.

Give yourself that much needed head-start this new year. List down the things and aspirations that you want this year to bestow upon you and then make an effort to let them happen. The ostensible book of this New Year awaits your script to make it a bestseller!! So do nothing but to begin and trust that magic of the beginning to do the rest of the trick.

And the first beginning I want you to make is to begin to smile. . . as I always believe that Smile is magical, it has that magnificent power to heal and belittle the anguish of negativities around. So to start with, “Welcome 2015 with a J

Welcome 2015 with a smile (Source: Google Images)
A part of me tickles from inside that why to wait for the complete new year to rejuvenate yourself with that long forgotten dream of your heart. . .I don’t know really cause a fresh beginning can be made anytime. I think, think & think and in the end just manage to smile and say “Perhaps it just provides a push, a nudge, a better reason to undertake and re-start that un-trodden journey.”

A parting thought. . .I still fondly recall my childhood days when the new year eve would simply mean enjoying new year programs on the idiot box and welcoming the year with glittering musicals & entertainment shows being shown on our own Doordarshan channel. It was not as simple as sitting and watching TV but it meant the complete preparation by means of getting choicest edibles including groundnuts, gajaks, mixtures and frequent rounds of hot soups and tea complimenting the show. The point here is not just sitting in front of the idiot box nor is it the consumption of edibles but spending time with the family…something which is getting scarce and scarce these days. So the second thing (apart from that shiny smile), I urge you to do is to Gift this New Year eve to your family, your parents, your mates and make it the moment which counts!

It would surely be a wonderful year and being wonderful not necessarily mean that there won’t be setbacks…there would be some for sure but those setbacks would just pause you and not stop, pause you just to propel you with reincarnated faith and passion.

Stay Positive. . . & Don’t forget to begin the year with a smile!!!

~Shubh Life . . . Om Sai Ram

© 2014 Manish Purohit (Reserved)

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