Saturday, February 06, 2016

Kindling the joy with the KINDLE

Source of the pic: Here

While the world is witnessing the paradigm shift in (almost) each of the technological innovations and the new improved advances are eating away even the imprints of their originals, there do exists people like me who are and would always remain those from ‘old school of thoughts’. When I say paradigm shift, I mean fixed lines paving way for mobile phones which later side-stepped for smartphone revolution which continues to storm the world of possibilities; the audio cassette player gave up its life for the survival of compact discs players which again are thwarted by the emergence of mp3 and other media files options; the good old computers and desktops giving space to laptops and palmtops and more recently to tablets, i-pads and the list goes on.

The similar transitional and transformational phase is currently underway in case of our beloved physical books. While the extreme phase of extinction might just remain a fantasy the paradigm has already started shifting towards e-books with the advent of kindle and other e-readers – the fact which I (for some strange reason) hate to own and in which I also seem to be becoming a party.

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