Thursday, December 18, 2014

The irony of being December, the Sixteenth. . .

Peshawar Attack on Dec 16 2014 *Source: Google Images

It’s been exactly two years since the 23 Year old Delhi’s daughter Nirbhaya was brutally gang raped by six men, showcasing the need to immediately address the cause of woman safety in the capital. That was brutality at its worst with the fighting soul finally gave up the struggle of her life after few days of torment. Was that the price she paid for being an independent soul in an independent country or for being democratic in the world's largest democracy? She finally left leaving us entangled in the web of so many questions, compelling us to introspect as to where we were currently and where we were heading. Is this the society we, our martyrs and our fighters aspired for their next generation? The day that witnessed that horrific incident was December, the Sixteenth.

Time passed and these introspection perhaps took the back seat with we all adopting the most comfortable manner of tackling with the things – it happens. Unfortunately, those questions came haunting back to us with the recent rape of another girl in uber cab just a few days back. Has something really changed? Can something really change?
It was again that dubious December, the Sixteenth this year which witnessed another flagitious act of killing of more than hundred small children on the other side of the border. It was again the same date, the humanity was again embarrassed and the innocent was again victimized. Same web questions again cropped their head demanding answers. Where is this world actually heading towards and where has that thing called 'Humanity' gone? How else would one defend the killing of innocent children in Peshawar district of Pakistan today? What reason could one attribute to such a barbarian act?

The day started on somewhat consoling note with the news that the sixteen hour long Sydney Siege finally ended. The fact that the act was more of a psychical nature than of a terrorist activity was of further assurance that some part of the world is there which is away from the clutches of this barbaric terrorism. However, just when the world was getting over with the death tryst of people in Sydney, there came another shocker of a group of militants attacking a school in Peshawar Pakistan and mercilessly killing innocent children.

As the moments passed by, the toll of the departed souls climbed and soon it crossed over 100. The reports of the terrorists killing innocent children savagely and recounting of the torturous moments by fewer fortunate who managed to get rescued was flashing everywhere. One really could not stop but to wonder was it not the way too much for those little souls to see and experience at such a tender age of 12 to 15 Years. While it took about 7 hours for the army to end the siege by killing the terrorist, the day had already registered as the darkest day in many of the lives.

I was actually rendered speechless, stunned & aghast at this inhuman and barbaric killing of those innocent souls. The thought still shivers me, leaving me wondering as to what could be the outrageously stinkiest excuse one can have for this holocaust. Those were just small buds which have been nurtured by their parents for last 12-15 Years, in whose eyes they saw their dreams of future and now there are no buds for them to foster, no eyes for them to dream on.

They term it as ‘Jihad’ in the name of Islam. But it really pains to see that those self-proclaimed messiah of Islam distorting the real soul of the religion to justify their barbarous crime acts. I have not read Holy Quran and I am perhaps a way too minute to decipher the deep meaning behind the holy verses of the revered book. But I know that Jihad actually means struggle or striving in the way or sake of the almighty. It is not about killing of the innocent people, blowing up oneself, fighting out of hatred or anger. . .No certainly not!!

Jihad is the purification of your inner self so as to be closer to the almighty, one’s inner struggle of good against evil refraining from the whispers of Satan, the evil (the Jihad of the Heart/Soul); it is spreading the message of the almighty – of his love and grace, amongst the people (the Jihad by the tongue); it is the research and reading of the holy scriptures to spread their teaching amongst the larger group (the Jihad by the pen/knowledge); it is the helping & feeding of the poor and deprived from your hands, taking them to their abode of peace and doing all deeds that takes them closer to the almighty (the Jihad by the hand).

I am sure that those massacring more than 100 children, calling themselves the servant of Islam & follower of Prophet Mohammad do not even know the basics of the religion. Even the Prophet never advocated the killing of women and children who had not reached puberty.

Please stop now...we had had enough of this bloodshed in the name of religion. If you want to do Jihad do that inside you uprooting that evil within.

And to all those fundamentalist present on either sides, please don't create further divide amongst the people, the world already stinks with the presence of these murderers. Consider this beautiful world as an abode of just two of us - You and Me. Don’t spread anguish and hatred around, it will surely come back to us only. There are already so many layers, so many lines demarcating the hearts of the people, please don’t add more to these. Please note that terror has no caste, race or creed and terrorism has no religion. In the end it’s only the life that suffers. What the world and its inhabitants need is more of love and compassion – spread these and then this would be a more beautiful world with more beautiful people. . !!

Deepest condolence to all those buds that were crushed even before they could blossom. . May Baba bless those souls and save the ones still struggling to stay afloat..

Request everyone to spare few moments from their daily chores and pray for the departed souls and also for the ones struggling for their lives...

Signing off today with the beautiful words of Gulzar. . .
अपनी मर्जी से तो मजहब भी नहीं उसने चुना था,
उसका मज़हब था जो माँ बाप से ही उसने
विरासत में लिया था---

अपने माँ बाप चुने कोई ये मुमकिन ही कहाँ है
मुल्क में मर्ज़ी थी उसकी वतन उसकी रजा से
वो तो कुल नौ ही बरस का था उसे क्यों चुनकर,
फिर्कादाराना फसादात ने कल क़त्ल किया

~Shubh Life . . . Om Sai Ram

© 2014 Manish Purohit (Reserved)

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