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Book Details. . .

Title: Savita: The Tragedy that Shook a Nation

Author: Kitty Holland

Genre:  Biographical / Non Fiction

Publisher: Random House / Transworld Ireland (2013)

Pages: 288 Pages

Rating: 3.5/5

Book Review. . .

This review was done for The Tales Pensieve (TTP) under their reviewer program.

What should I tell about a young woman named Savita Halappanavar that she was smart, beautiful and vivacious; that she was a doctor by profession and loved to dance; that she was ever vibrant in personality and had a diamond smile; that she was recently married and was expecting her first child; that her womb had along-with the fetus, some half born dreams of a cherished future; that she died with 17 weeks pregnancy due to septicaemia after being denied a termination despite being repeatedly requested for one.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

~ Your Friendship ~

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***Friendship is one of the most beautiful bond of love that a person can share. Howsoever, bad the time and circumstances may become, the comfort of your best mate being with you acts as a lighthouse to guide you through that phase. These verses attempts to show a heart's appreciation to his mate who stood by him in all highs and lows...***

Oh this contrived existence full of worry
Where its all about building castles in a flurry
Where money seems to be at supreme
And humanity lies low down the beam
Where deceiving one is the deed of some
And wounding one remains a key plum

Thursday, August 07, 2014

The Muser behind the Wandering Heart. . .

Welcome Friend. . . 

The fact that your inner curiosity did prompted you to click "Äbout Me" make me feel blessed and elated that perhaps you did find some solace in some of my writings that aroused your curiosity enough to know about the Muser behind the Wandering Heart. Surely our lives are perhaps intervened somehow in this divine cosmos to let us meet here in the electronic domain of our existence. 

Before dwelling further just a confession first, I actually postponed this About Me section for quite a long time as I still remember those bouts of goose bumps I had when I needed to fill those few lines about me on social media; and here writing a complete page on the same…Phew!!! But then suddenly the realization stumbled upon that this is necessary for you to know a bit about me to strike that chord further.

So, who’s the Muser anyway - a qualified accountant by profession working in a finance domain in a private sector struggling & juggling between the spread sheets and the slides to carve out a niche for himself amidst this fast paced mechanized life. But HEYYY. . .that's not the real ME, so who am I . . .
I am the one who dream with an open eye and loves his world of dreams more than anything else. .
I am the one who refuses to converge with the crowd and adores his solitude more than anything else. . 
I am the one who value those little nothings of life and treasure them more than anything else. .
I am the one who constantly love to churn the thinking machine and smile upon the thoughts more than anything else. .
I am the one who can spend hours staring at the moon kissed sky and wondering about the stars more than anything else. .
I am the one who can shell a fortune to get drench in the rain playing with the raindrops more than anything else. .
I am the one who wants to add colors to so many lives and waiting for his turn more than anything else. .
I am the one who doesn't want to follow this daily race of survival and lead his own life his way more than anything else. .
I am the one who carry thousands of dreams inside the heart and firmly believe that one day these will come true more than anything else. .
I am the one who is still a Work in Progress and who’s still figuring out as to Who am I more than anything else. .
Well, the above would have given you a fair idea about me. . .

I’m an accountant by profession and a dreamer by choice. Being an introvert, I always had this habit of scribbling my thoughts since childhood when I used to maintain a journal (diary) to spurt the whirling thoughts and emotions as I always found it easier to weave the same with words in my diary than to share the same with anyone around. With the advent of time, the shackles of the being in the professional world played its part and the diary writing stopped but the life just went on. However, there remained a small void within that awaited fulfillment. Then somehow this blogging idea struck and it did took me a while to actually convince myself that MS Word and laptop keys would have the same aura & emotion that was once felt with the paper diary and writing pen. And to say that I am totally convinced about this now would be an overstatement as I am one of those who still prefer paper books to electronic ones just to enjoy the touch of the paper and aroma of those fading pages. Further these tech things always have the tendency to trouble me more than what I am currently doing to you with this section :)

I love reading books and more than that writing – be it about anything. For me writing always is a satisfying experience especially when the end product is churned out strictly as per your expectation. It always gives that gratification for taking a step closer to realize what you always aspire in life. In that sense, I've always envied people who know upfront what they were meant to do; as for me the life has always been a constant search of knowing and belonging to a purpose that engage my heart – the Lakshya (purpose) of Life. 

I am a strong believer of the importance of “those little nothings of life” which apparently may seem trivial & small but which in actual forms the beads of life’s garland giving us fragrance to cherish through-out. The various facets & constituents of nature – the moon, the stars, the night, the breeze takes me to a different world altogether (you might find the impressions of these in some of the blog posts) and I just go bonkers over how magical the nature and its colours can be.

Talking about the musings, the first post of this blog does give a fair idea about the nature & intent of the blog. This blog is just an attempt to rekindle thoughts and share snippets of life that fills the cosmos around. It’s not about any one particular thing or notion but intends to capture varied emotions and thoughts which are simple yet not ordinary. This intend to capture the admixture of thoughts that lay there silent waiting to be discovered. We humans have the tendency to get lose the real "us" amidst the multiple layers of the roles and expectations that are assigned to us. As the time passes by, we fall under the false pretext that the veil that we have assumed over the time is actually what we are & our own true self gets buried down that veil. This blog is just an attempt to lift that veil and fill those emptiness within and around.

The list below would give you some idea about the nature of the blog posts.
  • Scribblings: These are intended to be the random snippets that just stir the heart compel you to spare some thought over these - simple but not ordinary. 
  • Book Reviews: As I had said above, I love reading a lot so you would find my insights on some of the books read by me. These in no way reflect the exactness of the book but are just my impressions & thoughts about the same.
  • Poetry: These include some attempts of mine to create some verses to express thoughts that so often than not touch our lives leaving us wondering about these ever and after.
  • Ghazal: Well, these are the bouquet of (again) my random attempts to try a different form of verse inspired by the likes of Mirza Ghalib, Gulzar & Mir always stupefying me with their power of imagination & power of words.
  • Shirdi Diary: Sai Baba of Shirdi has been an integral part of my life always lending a silent support and providing that positivity whenever life seems to be falling in the darker pit of negativity.

And there’s a lot more . . . which still lies sleeping there inside the dark corner of the heart - half conceived, half composed, half visualized. The journey has just started and there are currently fewer posts in each of the threads above; stay connected, there’s much more to come.

While the thoughts are woven with the strings of the words, what remains to be seen whether they does manage to form a bridge for you to cross and listen to the beating. I would sincerely try and hope that you do have stupendous time here and the efforts & moments that you have spared to come here doesn't go unrewarded.

Please do spare some more moments to drop in your comment about the post, page or anything you feel like. . . it always feels great to hear from you :)

I wish you a beautiful and cherished life filled with brighter moments of joy, love and contentment.

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Shubh Life . . . Om Sai Ram

Friday, August 01, 2014

Waking up from the Slumber. . .

“. . . the comfort of reclusion, the poetry of hibernation” ~Marcel Proust

Life has its own peculiar ways to tell us that its all right to slow down and hide away momentarily just to come up again with more rigour & aspirations.

It’s indeed been a time and to say that I was away primarily due to my work commitments or urgencies in life would just be an overstatement. Actually, its been a case of sheer laziness spurring from perhaps the lack of inspirations. Actually lots and lots of things were happening in life compelling me to sit back and take inventory of the situation.

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