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Movie Details. . .

Title: Chennai Express
Director: Rohit Shetty
Music: Vishal-Shekhar
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Running Time: 141 Minutes
Language: Hindi
Rating: 3.5/5

Plot Summary. . .

This film is a depiction of one man’s journey from Mumbai to Rameswaram and the adventures that follows in between. The movie derives its name from the train ‘Chennai Express’ which the main protagonist boards and the series of events which takes place in his life forms the basic plot of the movie.

The film is about a 40 year old man called Rahul who is tasked by his grandmother to immerse the ashes of his grandfather as per his wish, to the holy waters of Rameswaram. He takes the ashes from his grandmother and leaves Mumbai in Chennai Express with the intent to un-board at next station, and to head Goa instead. However, life takes a u-turn as he extends his hand to a south Indian damsel Meena who is (presumingly) in distress, helping her to get into the train in an attempt to woo her in the trademark DDLJ style. What follows next is the hilarious journey of Rahul into Komban village in Tamil Nadu, the area which until now remains unexplored for him, amongst the creed of people which until now remain stranger to him, with the language which until now remains alien to him. 

My Thought about the movie. . .

The film is a roller coaster ride with some of the breath taking visuals which is meant to entertain viewers. There’s nothing much in the story but the treatment and delivery of the package makes it a fun to watch. This will leave you laughing, smiling and whistling & will emerge as a total paisa vasool entertainer. . . but in a Rohit Shetty Ishtyle !!! 

A.     Direction & Story

Well, talking about of the direction and story, I must admit that there isn't any-thing great about the story as its simply a north Indian man meeting south Indian woman, falling in love and then re-uniting crossing all the barriers of cast, creed and language. Having said that despite the predictability in the story, all credit to the director Rohit Shetty for crafting a movie which is simply an enjoyment for anyone who watch. With handful of commercial films already under his collar, the director very well knows his job of how to touch the chord with the viewers. If you are on the look for some brainy stuff which is hung around with logic and reasoning. . .this might take you off the ground as it’s the love story in “Rohit Shetty isshtyle”

The perfection in the treatment is visible from the fact that despite Tamil being frequently used in the movie, the viewer never feels disgruntled and in need for subtitles to understand the same. With almost half of the dialogues and dialect in tamil, the comprehension of the same never pose a challenge for the viewer as the screenplay and scripting makes sure that it instead of deterring the pace of the movie adds zing to the whole movie watching experience.

B.     Music

The music of the film is given by the duo Vishal & Shekhar. Before speaking about the music, let me tell you that Vishal & Shekhar (according to me) are one the most overrated music directors of the country. A back glance at their portfolio makes me wonder do they really have delivered such outstanding distinctive numbers to command the position the currently have !!!

Well (thankfully enough), the movie’s score isn’t bad. . I won’t call it the best in recent times but its good. The director duo has experimented a bit in songs with fusion and strings pepping up the numbers at various places. Whether it works…well at some places it does, while at others it just makes the song crowded.

The title track in the voice of The Great SP Balasubramanium is simply a treat specifically as it marks the return of the legend to hindi music after what it seems like ages. For die-hard fan of him (like me), it was really a welcome symphony to the ears to hear him sing again. We love you SPB !!!

‘Titli’ and ‘Tera Rasta main chodoo na’ are wonderful romantic numbers which will make listeners hum the melody for sometime to come. Though, I feel that it would have been better if the strings and instrument were kept a bit less in ‘Tera Rastaa’; the outcome (in that case) would surely have been better as in the case of ‘Titli’ where the melody just plays on without much interference by extra strings.

‘Kashmir main tu kanyakumari’ is one number which, I feel, will gain popularity and momentum once people watch it. Its peppy with melodious music, colorful visuals & nice rendition by Sunidhi Chauhan, Arijit Singh (who recently shot to fame with couple of songs in Aashiqui 2) & Neeti Mohan.

Rest of the songs i.e. ‘1,2,3,4…get on the dance floor’ and ‘lungi dance’ are average & passable with nothing much to say about them.

C.     Acting & Other Aspects

Talking about the acting of the lead pair – Shahrukh & Deepika, they do manage to re-create the earlier magic. Shahrukh Khan as Rahul (the avatar which has come live on the screen so many times yet we aspire for more) is simply amazing and unbeatable. The perfect blend of comedy and romanticism provides a perfect recipe for King Khan’s fans to rejoice. 

Deepika as a south Indian village girl is mesmerizing. . .Though I have heard people complaining about her accent as Malayali and not Tamil in the movie but her performance in the movie does come as a surprise cause she indeed essays her role with perfection. She manage to stay in her character and match upto the energy and enthusiasm of her co-star.

Theres nothing much to be done by other artists like Sathyaraj, Nikitin Dheer etc who plays their part well within the limited script range.

Special word of appreciation for the cinematographer who has captured each frame with spectacular visuals that offers a treat to the watching eye; and also for the screen play writer who manage to weave the whole experience in a wonderful fashion despite the blending of two altogether different languages.

The Final Word. . .

Board this train to a romantic action adventure from the director who just know how to entertain a common man. Right from the time you board the express, it warms up quickly taking you to the fun ride with some of the exotic locales of south India and breath-taking views of mountains, rivers & greenery. 

This is a total masala entertainer which doesn't require the toiling of your brain cells. If logic and reasoning is something you indulge to seek, you might just give this train a miss; but if it’s just entertainment, entertainment and entertainment you are looking for then. . .ticket khareed ke, Beth ja seat pe, Nikal na jaaye kahin Chennai Express!!

Rating: 3.5/5

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