Tuesday, September 30, 2014

~ Pensive Reflections. . . ~

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The God has been a marvel to create a masterpiece like we humans (unfortunately we are not doing justice to HIS creation by resorting to trivial stuffs). While I find myself in a fix when I think about best creation by HIM in the humans – the mind that thinks or the heart that feels. More often than not, the ayes are more converged towards the mind and slightly lesser towards the heart. And truly blessed are the people who think by the heart and feel by the mind.

Many of us have surely wondered and observed the world within us that’s constantly churning those expressions and imageries. It’s actually very simple to understand the existence of that world and sophistications thereof. You have bought yourself a new dress and have very excitedly worn it at once. Before leaving out, you stare at the mirror spending many moments truly complimenting the dress and more importantly the person which makes it look even better – your inner world and thought churn these positive thoughts and messages. You go out and meet people – some like your dress & compliment while other give it a cold nose (their inner world churning altogether different thoughts). Hence, there is a reasonable certainty about the world of sub consciousness that exists within every soul. And the outcome - these wonderful-wonderful thoughts that actually are nothing but the reflection of our inner self our state of mind and how we are feeling about the world outside and more importantly about the world within!!

Pensive Reflections, the newer section on the blog aims to capture from that ever-running stream of wandering thoughts some crystal droplets to sprinkle and preserve. Terming them as pearls of wisdom would be a magnification in words (not surely in thoughts) so I would just limit myself to refer them as daily reflections in pensive mood – The Pensive Reflections.

Let’s see how many hearts these reflections actually stir enough to make them introspect their own Pensives.

~Shubh Life . . . Om Sai Ram

© 2014 Manish Purohit (Reserved)

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