Thursday, September 18, 2014

~ A Mourned Evening ~

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***Heartbreaks are always difficult to handle especially as there is negativity all around with everything just trying to pull you down. The worst part remains how and with whom to share. These verses represents the dilemma of a broken heart who suffered once but couldn't share but now the feeling is put into words to share...***

This heart can't overwhelm that feeling
That sight of your face while leaving
Yes.. that fateful, deplorable evening
No power of words prevented sharing

The night that followed was apathetic
No star, no moon was sympathetic
The night for which no one will pray
And everyone will try to stay away
The night that only gave depression
Just depression? No…Nocturnal depression

The pervasive silence shattered the environ
The wane moon gleams imputed darkness
The twinkling stars derided at me
And I stood there in awe for lee

The eternal sky appeared so bound
The lightning clouds made no sound
This be the worst one could attribute
Leaving me dumb as a symbol of mute

Silence & muteness played treachery
Still remained hope..Oh what a mockery
For hope seems like an impossible dream
Amidst this perennial depressed stream

Oh. . . but for the power of words
My heart could churn out some verse
That could ease me from my pain
Lending me support without disdain

Lack of writing zeal & passion
Forbade me to do the action

But. . .

Entire scenario so different this time
The Time imbibing the passion for rhyme
Remembering those moments so vivid this time
I offer these words, these verses of mine.

~Shubh Life. . . Om Sai Ram

© 2014 Manish Purohit (Reserved)

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