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~ ज़िन्दगी (Zindagi) / Life ~

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***Life is nothing but a song of hope and despair and this heart of our stay suspended inching sometimes towards joy and sometimes towards sorrow. The best part, however, remains that it continue to see dream & that's what assumes importance in the end. These verses represents the message of a heart that nothing stays till end save your dreams, specially of that special ONE***

~~~ Poem in Hindi ~~~

मुस्कुरा ले दिल मेरे
दौर ये भी गुजर जायेगा
आयेगा लौट वो सवेरा
और साँझ को ले जायेगा  

चाहे जो भी कर ले
यह गम तो लौट आएंगे
यह जो ज़िन्दगी है प्यारे
ये ग़मो का है फ़साना

खोया है जो भी तूने
एक दिन सब मिल जायेगा
पाया है जो भी तूने
एक दिन सब छीन जायेगा

क्या है तेरा यहाँ
जो तू छोड़ कर जायेगा
सब माया है खुदा की
जो समझा वो तर जायेगा

न ये हीरे मोती
न ये मंज़िलों के निशां 
संग तेरे तो जायेंगे
वो ख्वाब सारे जवां

अनदेखा अनजाना
इक सपना तू बन ले
अपनी निगहो में तू
उस चेहरे को बसा ले

अनजाना चेहरा है
लगता है फिर भी अपना
देखा उसे तो जाना
मेरा भी है कोई अपना 

~~~ Roman English Translation ~~~

Smile Oh heart of mine
This too will pass away
That dawn would come for sure
And eat this dusk away

Howsoever hard you try
These sorrows will come again
As this life is nothing, my dear
But a symphony of your pain

Whatever you have lost
You will gain here one day
Whatever you have gained
You will lose here some day

Nothing here is yours’
That you fear leaving behind
Its just a world of fantasy
Those will sail through who realize

Neither this material desire
Nor imprints of the terminus
Will go along with you
Those dreams so young so dear

So just conceive a dream
A dream unseen unknown
And hold that in the eyes
The imagery of her own

Unknown face is hers
Still appears so much mine
On seeing her I realize
There’s someone who’s mine 

~Shubh Life . . . Om Sai Ram

© 2014 Manish Purohit (Reserved)

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