Thursday, February 26, 2015

Micro Fiction – Please Don’t Forget Me. . .

Hail brother, for yet another victory we jointly scripted by ousting those enemies from our motherland, the feat which surely calls for the celebrations as I can sense the joy in the platoon with the merriment dancing around the bonfire… it feels so privileged to be a part of the reason of that celebration…isn’t it?

I still vividly remember the enemy confrontation last night near that doom shaped rock on the mountains, which stood before us taking many of those flying bullets in its heart protecting and witnessing the courage and valour, our platoon showed in the battlefield as those red blood stains, still afresh, continue to sing tale of our glory and heroism.

Now as the peace is restored and the imposters are ousted, you would head back to your home where your family members await to welcome you – the teary eyed mother who would scan your body again and again complaining that you have grown weak, the wearisome father who would hold the pearls of pride intact in his eyes and smile silently gazing at you, your ever waiting wife whose face would brighten and blossom like a flower in the spring, the moment your glance kindle her body and soul. As you touch your mother’s feet please don’t forget me in the blessings you receive as she places her hand on your head, as you hug your father please don’t forget me in the warmth & protection you feel in his arms as he embraces you tightly, as you plant a kiss on your wife’s forehead please don’t forget me in the complaints she expresses as she showers her love on you.

Though my lifeless body lay silent beneath this tricolour flag of our mother India, your remembrance of mine in the blessings, warmth and love would content my soul to rest in peace as both of us carry our journey to our respective abodes.

~Shubh Life . . . Om Sai Ram

© 2015 Manish Purohit (Reserved)

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