Friday, February 20, 2015

O' Conscience

***A prayer to the conscience within to make oneself a better soul to live***

Oh my conscience evolve with my age
Shun all the malice and imbibe all the grace
Banish those emotions impairing heart and soul
Causing all the mess amidst the world so pure

Nurture the thoughts airing love and compassion
Consuming all the pain around eating all the tension
Teach me the contentment the feeling of bliss
The virtue to remain sober amidst all the drift

Bless me the nature that adds to the goodness
Strengthen the belief of annihilating the sadness
The path ahead has its own roses & thorns
Just as the one within has angels & demons

The choice rests as to which one to foster
The angels so divine or the demons so imposter
The roses so fragrant or the thorns that prickle
Which one to foster & which one to stickle

Bless me O’ conscience to embrace both in my stride
All the thorns I absorb & all the roses I provide
Honour me with the smile that remains forever
And with the helping spirit that perishes never

~ Shubh Life . . . OM Sai Ram 

© 2015 Manish Purohit (Reserved)

Heartfelt thanks for visiting here. . . While the thoughts are woven with the strings of the words, what remains to be seen whether they do manage to form a bridge for you to cross and listen to the beating. And if it does, do drop in your beat in the comment box . . . it always feels great to hear from you :)

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