Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Book Review: ENGLISH BITES! My Fullproof English Learning Formula by Manish Gupta

Book Details. . .

Title: English Bites! My Fullproof English Learning Formula
Author: Manish Gupta
Genre: Self Help (English Improvement), Non Fiction
Publisher: Penguin (2012)
Pages: 344 Pages
Price: INR 125

Rating: 3.75/5

Book Review. . .

This review was done for The Tales Pensieve (TTP) under their reviewer program.

Are you one of those wandering souls longing to have proficiency in English language but the ghost of which continue to scare you away…then English Bites is the book for you. It is surely for all those who swear to have been smitten and bitten by English – smitten as being sincerely wanting to conquer the phobia of the language and bitten by being lost in the vicious circle of making an attempt  to overcome the phobia & becoming more intrigued by its manner. Before going further into the synopsis of the book, it would be worthwhile for me to make a confession…I was not really motivated to read this book as I have never found those self help books my cup of tea. But before choosing this book for review I had limited choices, as it was my 1st month as a Book Critic at TTP, so I opted for this one. But now I think, opting for this one was indeed a blessing in disguise.

The book is a storehouse to 1000+ beads (read new words) which is threaded together on the string of the author’s story. The awesome trivia, the amazing anecdotes and the interesting blend of humor and incidents adds to the fragrance of the garland, as a whole.
Don’t read this book but study & the investment you make in purchasing this book is worth it and is a treasure for a lifetime. A must have in your collection !!

I thank the TTP for giving and opportunity to review the book.

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