Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wrong Number

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***Just for a light reading, a comical incident woven in verses***

Tring – Tring, Tring – Tring, rang the phone
Tring – Tring, Tring – Tring, again he moaned
Tring – Tring, Tring – Tring, mustering all the courage
Tring – Tring, Tring – Tring, louder he roared

Stupendous mansion
Beautiful maids
Ambience of elegance
But all so lazed

Finally, the beauty hustled gently
Slowly, she answered the phone politely

“Call my wife” said the voice
“Give her the line” repeated it twice
Hesitant and puzzled responded the maid
It just can’t be done O’ dear lad
She seems so busy in her room
With her next probable groom
“Don’t disturb”, clearly says the board
How can I ignore, the lady’s word

Fretting & Fuming roared the voice
“Shoot them both” listen, you mice
If she is your lady, I am your master
Decline her words and obey my order

Hurried and haste, she brought the gun
Ear splitting BANG…rippled the weapon
Without any remorse, the maid heaved sigh
‘Master will be happy’, she thought & beamed high
Having shot them both, she returned to the phone
"Mission Accomplished Sir" said she in proud tone
"But what about the bodies that lay beside"
"Two of them – the beau and to be bride"

Prolonged pause, conceiving notions
Replied the voice, in varied motions
"Hurl them in pool, as they deserve to be so"
"Rest will be taken care listen, O loyal soul"

"But we don’t have the pool O’ Lord"
Uttered the maid with a doubt so hard
Again that silence hung in between
Shock and awe hard to lean
Trembling, heaving inquired the voice
"5565785?? uttered he twice"

Hearing the number the maid turned pale
Struggling for words her breath too staled
Frightened panic-stricken, she ran to her house
Closing all the doors, as if doom's have fallen out

Tring – Tring, Tring – Tring, rang her phone
Tring – Tring, Tring – Tring, again it spoke
Lub – Dub, Lub – Dub, sank her heart
Lub – Dub, Lub – Dub, it skipped its beat

“NOOOOO…” scared and terrified
Louder, she screamed
Throwing the phone out,
She swooned and fainted.

~ Shubh Life . . . OM Sai Ram 

© 2015 Manish Purohit (Reserved)

Heartfelt thanks for visiting here. . . While the thoughts are woven with the strings of the words, what remains to be seen whether they do manage to form a bridge for you to cross and listen to the beating. And if it does, do drop in your beat in the comment box . . . it always feels great to hear from you :)

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