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Zindagi Connects: Hold on…the dawn is just so near!!

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The husband and wife recently arrived in the village and had bought a piece of land for cultivation. Both of them were very kind and would always serve the needy out of the limited means they had. They had a regular visitor to their house on a daily basis – an elderly old man. Baba, as everyone in the village called him, always came around the noon hour to seek food and the family always obliged him.

It was their first year of cultivation and they were seriously hoping for the bountiful rains so that they can have a good harvest. But it appeared that the almighty had different plans. Days passed and there stood no sign of rains. That day when Baba came asking for the food, the wife said, “Baba, we don’t have much food available with us. There is no sign of rains, it seem that our crop wouldn’t harvest.” The old man glanced in the sky and said, “Don’t worry, rains would surely come and it would be a good harvest, for sure.” The lady thought that the old man had prophetic powers & thus was content with the assurance; she gave him the food happily. Every time she found herself on the verge of losing faith, she would speak to him and each time he would glance in the sky and assured her of a good harvest. This always held her hope alive and kept that flame burning.

In the end, it did pour and poured well & it was indeed a good harvest. Few days later, that old man died and at his funeral there were very few people who gathered. The wife and husband also went to pay their tribute.

“He was a pious soul who came to this beautiful world for spreading positivity, may his soul rest in peace”, the wife said to one of the woman.

“I am sure he was, that’s why he could sustain in this beautiful world without being able to see it. But I don’t understand why you said about spreading positivity. Poor fellow, how would he spread positivity around when his own world was surrounded by darkness devoid of any positivity?” the other woman replied.

The wife was taken aback, “What do you mean?” She asked.

“He was blind” the woman replied.

That’s how our lives find solace in little snippets which give us reason and support to survive & that’s what explains the importance of positivity therein. At various junctures in our lives we are faced with intriguing situation which makes it difficult to move and more difficult to hold onto your current. In those grim hours even a tiny pinch of positivity provides us the impetus to stay afloat. And in the end it doesn’t make a difference as to from where does that pinch came, as we saw in the narration above that the old man’s words (despite the fact he was blind and couldn’t see anything) supported the wife and helped her keeping the flame of hope burning.

Agree, it’s easier said than done. There are negative and toxic things happening around which are bound to pull us down. But then there are no free lunches in the world as such and it’s a constant striving process to look for positives in life. And, it’s not something which we don’t do or are not acquainted with. When we purchase a box of fruits, the first thing we do is to check the same for the rotten pieces so that the same can be separated from the good ones lest the later would also be spoiled. Likewise, while walking on a rough path, we carefully avoid & dodge all the potholes and stones to tread comfortably on the plain track.

The above are just a couple of instances from our daily chores wherein we are weeding out and avoiding the negative and toxic elements so that we are left with pure fruits to enjoy and cleaner track to tread.

The similar is the case with our life too, each of its events and happenings give us two choices to deal with it – staying calm and hopeful or crib and fall off the track. There is always an alternative to deal with the adversities with a smile on the face and hope in the heart that it will soon be over & it will surely be, that’s a mathematical certainty. When good times didn’t last forever, the bad times also wouldn’t. Recall the last time when you were having a tough phase, when the going became difficult, when you were on the verge of the breakdown and when you thought it’s all over, and suddenly the complications started subsiding and things started falling back on the track. That’s how it functions most of the time, we quit when the things are just on the verge of getting better. Just hold onto for some more time, try to find positives even in adversities and let the life do the magic.

When we are in a bad situation, more often than not, we find ourselves cribbing about the fate, the circumstances and the people around, but does that change anything to better? No and it can never, cause the negativity (be it for yourself or someone else) only feeds negativity and can never lead to positivity. When we know that such an attitude cannot change anything and that bad situation or phase will remain there for the time it is bound to, why not face it with a positive heart, why not take control of the attitude with which we confront the situation rather than the attitude controlling us. After all when the going gets tough, the tough gets going!

Besides staying positive, another thing that assumes significance during those adverse times is having control on our senses. When the inner self weakens, the senses start gaining control of us and it’s quite common then to succumb and surrender to them. The result is the impulsive outbreak of alcohol, drug, vices and even stale talks or traducing impacting relationships; the last one being the most dangerous one. Take a halt, step back and refrain from reacting to anything instantly, avoid having a verbal spat with anyone especially with your near and dear ones. There would surely be a tingling sensation within to spurt everything toxic inside to the person before you . . . but you should refrain from such a temptation. This might let you feel a bit comfortable momentarily but would leave a mark on your relationship – remember words are like an arrow, once spoken they can’t be tracked back.

But letting those toxic inside would not be too good either so what to do? Indulge in something that you love. Try listening to your favourite musical numbers (if you are an ardent music lover), read one of your favourite book (if you are a book worm), watch that favourite serial of yours (if that idiot box offers you a solace) or resort to write your feelings on paper (my personal favourite alternative) or choose other alternative that refreshes you. In case you happen to choose the last one, don’t fear about the spelling or grammatical mistakes or the slangs which you might use or the words which you might write, just write whatever is inside. Try it once and I can bet you will feel better. You don’t have to worry about the aesthetics and hygiene as that piece of paper is for you and not for anyone else. You may keep that with you for future reference (as it’s really a booster to read the same when the time is good to find that there was a bad phase which is over and you bravely faced it) or might just tear it apart after you are done (if you choose to do so, do read once before you destroy). The point is that this will help in letting those negative things out!

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I remember reading a popular anecdote somewhere wherein the protagonist was always in a good mood, full of positivity and when someone asked him the reason, he replied, “Each morning I wake up and say to myself, 'you have two choices today. You can choose to be in a good mood or you can choose to be in a bad mood.' I choose to be in a good mood. Each time something bad happens, I can choose to be a victim or I can choose to learn from it. I choose to learn from it. Every time someone comes to me complaining, I can choose to accept their complaining or I can point out the positive side of life. I choose the positive side of life.”

This is indeed one of the beautiful statements I have ever read. The last line of the above statement aptly describe the next important thing – Spread the Positivity. While it’s important to stay positive, it is equally vital to share and spread that positivity to people around us. Just as we are in need of that pinch of positivity, everyone else around us is also. Meet people with the smile, greet them, compliment them and offer them solace during their darkest hour. This would give them an assurance that they are not alone and everything would surely be right. Remember, treat others the way you want to be treated yourself.

And once the chain starts building with each one of us attributing his or her share of positivity to the people & environ around, the toxicities of the world will gradually deplete which will surely make this cosmos a further better place to be in.

It might sound theoretic in approach and difficult in the interim to stay positive all the time but trust me it’s not impossible. It can surely be inculcated with a little effort, affirmation and assertion – Give it a try at least. Listen, there is nothing to lose here . . . take a trial for a week & if it doesn’t work out abandon it.

Make a resolution that for next seven days you won’t let the circumstances bowl you out; even if the time is bad you will not crib and stay hopeful; you will not let your senses control you and will not badmouth anyone; you will continue to greet people with smile, offering them your share of pinch of positivity and contributing your bit to relish the world around. 

Keep that flame of hope burning in your heart, eradicate all the junk and toxic within and look for the positive side of the life.  Appreciate every moment of your life and snatch from those moments, everything that you possibly can as you may never be able to experience it again. Things, People and circumstances will always be at the helm of their affairs to boggle you down. But keep your spirits high and don’t lose hope . . . Always remember, the dawn is just so near :)

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~Shubh Life . . . Om Sai Ram

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