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Mystic Mythos. . .Rediscovering Roots

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And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.
~Sylvia Plath

I am not sure what would have prompted Plath to make above statement but even a plain reading of the above is sufficient enough to grasp what she meant. The self-doubt surely does damage the creativity quotient and the motivation within to continue the self-satisfying writing journey. And what actually spurs these symptoms is the failure to write something even despite the best of at attempts. I just realized that one of the most irritating and depressing feeling in the whole world is wishing to write something but unable to do so. The cycle that follows makes you all the more impatient and as the time passes by, the want to write something grows so intense that you just cannot run away from it. I don’t know really what’s more troubling – the fact that you are not able to write anything or the fact your inability seems to be winning over your desire.

Is that what people term as the Writer’s block? I don’t know but if it is the one, I can’t help myself beaming with joy of being smitten and bitten by WRITER’S Block as, in any case, atleast the word writer got attached to me, though not strictly in the sense I would have wanted J

It would actually be an insightful perspective to know about the various ways people employ to beat that block from the Writer’s neighbourhood. Do let me know your thoughts on that…

While I was swinging between the joys and sorrows of being stuck between the duel of desire and inability, a thought stuck me to start a new series of retelling of the mythological anecdotes – rediscovering the roots and the stories that we have grown up with – The Mystic Mythos. . .

The mythology and its belief hold a significant position in our lives in terms of character we build and values we nurture. In the typical middle class family, the child is exposed to those awe-inspiring stories of victory of Rama (good) over Ravana (evil) or the dedication of Hanuman towards Rama or the stories of Krishna’s innocent tricks and childhood deeds (and so on) quite early in childhood. I am sure each of ours yesteryears boasts of those night story telling episodes from our grand-parents or parents which would take us to those world of fantasy that remained afresh in our thoughts even after the story had ended. Be it the heroism of Rama and Krishna or the valour of Hanuman or the evilness of Ravana, the mythologies and its inherent stories does have an implied impact on us right from our growing up years.

Let’s just relive those moments and feel good by revisiting those good old stories of Indian Mythology.

 ~Shubh Life . . . Om Sai Ram

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