Saturday, November 08, 2014

~ Life is like that. . ~

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***Life is all about the admixture of hope and despair…it is a rose which has that fragrance so divine and also has those thorns which prick so hard. It’s all about holding that string of hope even during the hours of despair. Those who get drowned in the clouds of despair find it hard to rise while those who stay ignited prevail all through...Cause in the end Life is like that only…***

World is a stage
Life is a drama
Full of Puppets, Heroes and Buffoons
Artists, Directors and Clowns
Who act their part
Who play their roles
Some think out of the box
While some roam like robots

Roaming on their own way
Roaming on their own path
Roaming with a desire to achieve
Roaming towards a light to perceive

Not knowing…
Whether they will get through or not
Not knowing…
Whether they will make big or not
And truly…
some succeed and some fall to their knees
And truly…
Some stay afloat and some submerge

There are some who never lose hope
Never letting failure to force them elope 
And never letting the despair to rise & arise
As they know well. .As they realize. .
Life is like that. . .
Life is like that. . .
Its business being just to go on and on and on
And not to stop
And not to halt 

And there are some…
Who lose hope and acquire despair
They commit flaws and keep flounder
Landing themselves in an ambiguous situation
Not knowing the secret of pulsation
Life becomes a puzzle to define
Life becomes a salvation to achieve
A puzzle. . .never solved
An absolution. . .never reached
As they don’t understand. . As they don’t realize
Life is like that. . .
Life is like that. . .
And they can’t see dawn
Without passing through the dusk

All of them are worried about themselves
Nobody even spare a thought for others
Being no time to share
People don’t care
As they don’t realize. . As they don’t know
Life is like that. . .
Life is like that. . .

~ Shubh Life. . . Om Sai Ram

© 2014 Manish Purohit (Reserved)

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