Friday, August 01, 2014

Waking up from the Slumber. . .

“. . . the comfort of reclusion, the poetry of hibernation” ~Marcel Proust

Life has its own peculiar ways to tell us that its all right to slow down and hide away momentarily just to come up again with more rigour & aspirations.

It’s indeed been a time and to say that I was away primarily due to my work commitments or urgencies in life would just be an overstatement. Actually, its been a case of sheer laziness spurring from perhaps the lack of inspirations. Actually lots and lots of things were happening in life compelling me to sit back and take inventory of the situation.

Being said that, the best part of this un-proclaimed hibernation was that a number of people have gotten in touch with me to ask why I’m not updating my blog (it’s been almost a month since last post). That was moving for sure and more so, encouraging that after just 10-12 posts, the absence is indeed felt and observed. Though, now when I sit back and retrospect, I feel though there were many thoughts that were conceived but perhaps were not taken further for the want of my time devotion. At time life has the tendency to keep you involved a bit too much and going ahead when you look back you feel surprised as to what were those things that held you back!!

Anyways. . let bygones be bygones. I expect all questioning, reasoning, farewells and welcomes should be now over. Its better just to wrap up the rhetoric and get back to business, cause “. . . picture abhi baaki hai mere dost (. . .the story isn’t yet over my friend). No more of why I stopped and why I restarted.

The sleep has been broken, the hibernation has been over. . .just keeping fingers crossed and waking from the slumber – Good Morning World !!!

Shubh Life . . . Om Sai Ram

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