Saturday, March 19, 2016

Someone Gone…Someone Lost

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***Being in Love is surely a blessing only if both the partners are in unison, if one happens to leave the other…the life of the one left behind becomes a curse***

Gone is the soul I love so dear
Gone is the voice I long to hear
Gone is the face I want to see
Gone all the things that belonged to me

Too far away from sight or speech
Too far away for me to reach
But never too far for thoughts to flow
Neither for the dreams to permeate through

Flower was she of the heart of mine
Blossomed with love – so pure so divine
Redolent her fragrance musky with myrrh
Her grace so immaculate stupendous her nature

Filled me with pride the sight of hers
Exultant was I on the evening of Thurs
Lost & intoxicated, I went on rambling
Smitten with her love singing and dancing

The environ too played jolly with me
Uncovering my secrets as it had to be
Full of mirth I bonded with nature
Little nothings of life, my ultimate rapture

Then came the news of great disaster
Leaving me trembling over and after
After and after, over and after
Then came the news of great disaster

How to start from where to begin
Wounded my heart the words stay bitten
Vacant remained the soul yearning for desire
My dreams still unfulfilled burning in fire

Someone swept her heart away
I could hardly believe this anyway
Dashing all dreams breaking the hope that bind
There stood she with the glance that turned blind

Mute we stood searching for our selves
Amidst those silent sighs where once we both dwelt
Spaces between us grew loud and louder
Our each approaching step took us farther

“Why did you turn away”, I said
“After falling in love why you fled”
Abrupt she rose and left the place
Difficult for me to run and chase

“Please don’t go . . . Please don’t leave”
“There’s no life of mine without your being”
Screamed my voices at the peak of the lungs
Still none reached thee only silence thrummed

The moon shone bright in the starless sky
Our shadows diverged never to unite
Frozen I stood unable to move
Searching for the voice to call the truce

With dying sound of her departing steps
My breath too followed her treacherousness
The final calling came too soon
My cadaver fell like an autumn frond

Motionless my body still remain waiting
Discontent my soul still lay yearning
The last teardrop lay glued to the lids
Holding her departing image they still remain separated

“Just come to this juncture once, where you left”
"Grant me the solace for which I bereft"
"Let those eyelids stay in unison"
"With that last teardrop lend me the absolution!!"

~ Shubh Life . . . OM Sai Ram 

© 2016 Manish Purohit (Reserved)

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