Sunday, May 17, 2015

Coming to School

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***Out of the blue I found this poem written on a piece of a paper hidden in one of the old book. This poem was written a long time back, during those good old days. It does sound a bit primitive at some places, still I haven’t changed anything about it and have reproduced it ‘as is’ here.***

What purpose does coming to school serve
Answering this is nothing but aching ones nerve
Certain misnomers coming to my mind
But they just play seek and hide

Some come to school only to talk
While others come to school only to walk
Some have the reason of reading
While others have the reason of sleeping
Some come to school only for disturbance
While others come to school only for attendance
Some come to school only to play
While others come to school only to pray
Some come to school to be free
While others come to be on a spree
Some come to school for teachers’ test
While others have the reason to take rest

And very few of the remaining comes daily to school
Who consider knowledge & wisdom as life’s tool
It is for these very few school has some meaning
And for the rest it's nothing but a constant searching.

~ Shubh Life . . . OM Sai Ram 

© 2015 Manish Purohit (Reserved)

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